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Barthelemy, Ramon S. (2014) The experiences of women in post graduate physics and astronomy programs: The roles of support, career goals, and gendered experiences. Doctoral thesis, Western Michigan University.

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Favia, Andrej (2014) An Inventory Of Student Recollections Of Their Past Misconceptions As A Tool For Improved Classroom Astronomy Instruction. Doctoral thesis, The University Of Maine.

Fisher-Herriges Merriot, Ivy T. (2014) Exploratory research on the big horn medicine wheel acting as an indigenous place-based pedagogical instrument for learning sky-earth relationships, skywatching fundamentals, and celestial mechanics. Doctoral thesis, Montana State University Bozeman.

Fitzgerald, Michael T. and Hollow, Robert and Rebull, Luisa M. and Danaia, Lena J. and McKinnon, David H. (2014) A Review of High School Level Astronomy Student Research Projects Over the Last Two Decades. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 34 (e037). pp. 1-23.

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