Research and Education in Basic Space Science

Al-Naimy, Hamid M. K. and Celebre, C. P. and Chamcham, Khalil and de Alwis, Sanath P. and de Carias, Maria Cristina Pineda and Haubold, Hans J. and Troche-Boggino, Alexis E. (2004) Research and Education in Basic Space Science. In: Developing Basic Space Science World-Wide. Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 31-37.


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The UN/ESA workshops have been held in the regions of Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Western Asia, and Europe. Additional to the scientific benefits of the workshops and the strengthening of international cooperation, the workshops lead to the establishment of astronomical telescope facilities in Colombia, Egypt, Honduras, Jordan, Paraguay, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. The annual UN/ESA Workshops continue to pursue an agenda to network these astronomical telescope facilities through similar research and education programmes. Teaching material and hands-on astrophysics material has been developed for the operation of such astronomical telescope facilities in an university environment.

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