Astrophysics For University Courses

Wentzel, Donat G. (2004) Astrophysics For University Courses. In: Developing Basic Space Science World-Wide. Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 391-502.

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The problem Chapters 8.1 to 8.9 respond to the question posed by many universities: "How can we introduce some astrophysics in our physics courses?" The question is often qualified: "We cannot teach a whole course in astrophysics." This solution In these Chapters I present an array of astrophysical problems, any one or a few of which can be selected and used within existing physics courses on elementary mechanics, or on heat and radiation, kinetic theory, electrical currents, and in some more advanced courses. Answers are provided to all problems. These astrophysics problems are designed to be an interesting and challenging extension of existing physics courses, to test the student's understanding of physics by testing it in new realms, and to stretch the student's imagination. A brief tutorial on the astrophysics is provided with each problem, enough so that the physics professor can present the problem in class. The higher-level problems start with a brief introduction to the physics. All the problems seek compact algebraic and numerical solutions that can easily be translated into physics. For many problems, the solution is shorter than the statement of the problem. A few mathematical proofs appear in Chapter 8.9.

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