The Educational Potential of the HIPPARCOS data base

Percy, John R. (1997) The Educational Potential of the HIPPARCOS data base. In: Proceedings of the ESA Symposium 'Hipparcos- Venice '97', 13-16 May, Venice, Italy, ESA SP-402(July1997). European Space Agency, pp. 739-742.


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Education is important to professional astronomy; astronomy is important to education. Since science education in schools and universities is most effective when students use inquiry-based learning with real scientific data and activities, the Hipparcos data base has significant educational potential. The astrometric data base can be used for activities and projects which illustrate important physical and astronomical concepts (as well as the role of random and systematic errors, selection effects etc.). The epoch photometric data base can also be used to develop and integrate a wide range of math and science skills, at the high school level and beyond. Many Hipparcos-based activities could be offered on-line, building on the success of the European Association for Astronomy Education's recent Astronomy On-Line project. There are, however, many schools and universities - especially in the developing countries - which do not have easy access to the Internet or to on-line data bases. I urge ESA to develop the educational potential of the Hipparcos data base, and to make it available, in appropriate form, to teachers and students worldwide.

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