The Evolving Nature of Astronomy Research and its Implications for EPO

Raddick, M. Jordan (2008) The Evolving Nature of Astronomy Research and its Implications for EPO. In: EPO and a Changing World. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, pp. 461-468.


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Like all sciences in general, astronomy has experienced unprecedented changes in just the last few years. As the total volume of data continues to double each year, we struggle to collect and interpret all the data - and as EPO professionals, we struggle to bring this data to learners in a meaningful way. This rapporteur paper will review some of our community’s reactions to the “Evolving Nature of Astronomy Research” thread. These reactions include strategies for learners to access real astronomy data through visualization and resources like the World Wide Telescope, for remote telescope access, for collaborative environments, and for citizen science projects. These resources come together in a variety of activities for learners in all settings, at all levels. As these activities are deployed and evaluated, astronomy education will continue to benefit from its rich interconnections with astronomy research.

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