Planetarium Inversum - A Space Vision For Earth Education

Lotsch, Bernd (2003) Planetarium Inversum - A Space Vision For Earth Education. Advances in Space Research, 31 (7). pp. 1705-1710.


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In a planetarium, the visitor is sitting on Earth and looking into an imaginary space. The Planetarium Inversum is the opposite: visitors are sitting in a space station, looking down on Mother Earth. It is a scientifically-based information show with visitors involvement, its elements being partially virtual (Earth in space has to be projected with highest possible resolution) but also containing real structures, such as the visitors‘ Earth observatory with adjacent biological systems (plant cultures and other ecological life support components). Its main message concerns the limits and the vulnerability of our home planet, its uniqueness, beauty and above all, its irreplaceableness: Earth does not have an emergency exit. The Earth observatory is part of a ring shaped, rotating space station of the type designed by Wemher von Braun decades ago. Visitors are told that gravity is being substituted by centrifugal force. Both types of life support systems are being demonstrated - self regenerative life based ones and technical ones as a backup (solar electric splitting of water and chemical absorption of respiratory COZ)

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