Astronomy, Art And Mythology In A Public Elementary School In Itaocara/RJ

Bernardes, Adriana Oliveira and Ramos dos Santos, Arleidimar (2008) Astronomy, Art And Mythology In A Public Elementary School In Itaocara/RJ. Revista Latino-Americana de Educacao em Astronomia, 6. pp. 33-53. ISSN 1806-7573


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Volunteer advisors at Itaocara Astronomy Club Marcos Pontes(CAIMP), in their majority high school students, introduced students at Teotônio Brandão Vilela Elementary School to basic concepts in Astronomy, Physics, and Mythology. Computer Science, Arts, puppetry, and educational videos were used to stimulate students to share their feelings and test their knowledge of the concepts presented. The work done by the volunteers helped boost the student's self-esteem and improved their oral skills by applying their knowledge of Physics and Astronomy in Lab experiments. The main goals of the CAIMP are the possibility of including astronomy in Elementary school curricula and developing an interdisciplinary work involving Astronomy, Arts, and Mythology. Through tests and reports, the students who participated in the Brazilian Astronomy Olympics, showed an increase in their knowledge of the subjects presented during the volunteer work.

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