The Practice of Research of a Basic Education Teacher Involving Mental Models of the Phases of the Moon and Eclipses

Queiroz, Glória Pessôa and de Sousa, Carlos Jubitipan Borges and Machado, Maria Auxiliadora Delgado (2009) The Practice of Research of a Basic Education Teacher Involving Mental Models of the Phases of the Moon and Eclipses. Revista Latino-Americana de Educacao em Astronomia, 8. pp. 19-36. ISSN 1806-7573


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The inclusion of basic education teachers in the survey domain is a controversial issue and fully debated in the academy. The opportunity for a collective work that incorporated school teachers from a public school to a university’s group of physics teaching at university allowed us to glimpse the redefinition of the function of a science teacher (a coauthor of this paper) by himself, such that now he includes research on the knowledge construction by students in his teacher practice. The formation of inter-institutional groups for action planning and research in these areas has proved productive for the task of knowledge construction to support educational processes in school, while the university enriches its collection of experiences critically validated, and can consider the results in teachers initial and continued education. The active participation of the teacher in a research group at the university led him to reflect on the possible didactical ways to be described, analyzed and communicated to other teachers. The construction of a pedagogy that took into account the mental models of students on the basic topics of astronomy, and the changes developed resulting from the lessons taught, led to far-reaching consequences on the pedagogy adopted by the teacher, who incorporates now a new vision of science and alternative forms to dialogue with students, essential components for a researcher in Science Education.

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