Teaching of Astronomy: Scenarios of Teaching Practice in Elementary Schools

Gonzatti, Sônia Elisa Marchi and De Maman, Andréia Spessatto and Borragini, Eliana Fernandes and Kerber, Júlia Cristina and Haetinger, Werner (2013) Teaching of Astronomy: Scenarios of Teaching Practice in Elementary Schools. Revista Latino-Americana de Educacao em Astronomia, 16. pp. 27-43. ISSN 1806-7573


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The present work presents the main results of a research carried out within the Astronomy Education field with Elementary School teachers from two regions of Rio Grande do Sul. The study aimed to show the regional panorama of teaching Astronomy compared to the national panorama already discussed in several studies in the area. It was divided into three main issues: identifying the main topics of Astronomy developed in class, verifying which were the methodological strategies used, and which were the difficulties teachers faced when developing their practice. Regarding the contents, it was found a wide range of covered topics although Earth motion and astronomical phenomena were cited by most participants. Concerning the strategies used in class, two-dimensional resources such as movies, texts, maps and web searching were mainly used. The most relevant difficulties were the lack of specific education related to Astronomy contents and abstraction level, which complicated the understanding for both students and teachers. In general, the indicators met the results already found in other studies that investigated Astronomy teaching practice, in which the teacher´s original education deficiency - or even the lack of it - hampers the proper development of Astronomy contents in class.

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