Science At Schools: Observation And Analysis Of A Partial Solar Eclipse

dos Santos, Leonardo Barbosa Torres and dos Santos, Everaldo Faustino and das Neves, Leonardo Oliveira (2015) Science At Schools: Observation And Analysis Of A Partial Solar Eclipse. Revista Latino-Americana de Educacao em Astronomia, 19. pp. 43-55. ISSN 1806-7573


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Natural phenomena, such as eclipses, prompt interest and curiosity of humans since antiquity. For this reason the systematic monitoring of these events could be used to raise people’s interest from the simple contemplation, to didactic interest or to scientific research. The objective of this paper is therefore to stimulate the application and development of scientific research in the school environment. For this aim we propose to monitor solar eclipses. Students should obtain photographic registers using appropriated equipment for the observation of the Sun. Throughout analyses of photographs it should be possible to determine representative parameters of the characteristics and evolution of these interesting astronomical events. The results could be compared to highly accurate predictions. A detailed description of the methodology and features to be applied to observations is also provided.

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