Learning Mediated By An Educational Hypermedia

Fagundes, Adriano Luiz and da Silva, Tatiana and Barroso, Marta Feijó (2015) Learning Mediated By An Educational Hypermedia. Revista Latino-Americana de Educacao em Astronomia, 20. pp. 91-114. ISSN 1806-7573


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The phases of the Moon is a learning subject composed of smaller units here elaborated by adopting the theory of cognitive load, including aspects related to visualization in science education and taking into account learning difficulties documented in the research literature on science/astronomy teaching as theoretical guiding. The complete research process involved 77 students attending an undergraduate physics course and included data collection instruments to investigate technical aspects of the material, quality of contents and learning. This work focused on learning mediated by a hypermedia digital resource. The instruments used at this stage were pre-testing and learning evaluation allowing a qualitative and quantitative assessment. The questions pointed to the knowledge of the Moon as a body without its own light, to representations of schematic diagrams with sequences of lunar phases and the possibility of observing the Sun and the Moon according to the time of the day, an explanation and a representation of the dynamics of synchronous rotation motion of the Moon. The result provided an overall average increase of 33% in learning. We point out the features of the material that may have contributed to a highest quality as a learning tool.

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