Introducing Astronomy into Mozambican Society

Ribeiro, Valerio A. R. M. and Paulo, Claudio M. and Besteiro, Ana M. A. R. and Geraldes, Helder and Maphossa, Alexandre M. and Nhanonbe, Faustino A. and Uaissine, Antonio (2011) Introducing Astronomy into Mozambican Society. In: The Role of Astronomy in Society and Culture. Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 260, 2009. International Astronomical Union, pp. 522-527.


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Mozambique has been proposed as a host for one of the future Square Kilometre Array stations in Southern Africa. However, Mozambique does not possess a university astronomy department and only recently has there been interest in developing one. South Africa has been funding students at the MSc and PhD level, as well as researchers. Additionally, Mozambicans with Physics degrees have been funded at the MSc level. With the advent of the International Year of Astronomy, there has been a very strong drive, from these students, to establish a successful astronomy department in Mozambique. The launch of the commemorations during the 2008 World Space Week was very successful and Mozambique is to be used to motivate similar African countries who lack funds but are still trying to take part in the International Year of Astronomy. There have been limited resources and funding, however there is a strong will to carry this momentum into 2009 and, with this, influence the Government to introduce Astronomy into its national curriculum and at University level. Mozambique’s motto for the International Year of Astronomy is “Descobre o teu Universo”.

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