The role of astronomy and space sciences in Arab societies and cultures

Al-Naimy, Hamid M. K. (2011) The role of astronomy and space sciences in Arab societies and cultures. In: The Role of Astronomy in Society and Culture. Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 260, 2009. International Astronomical Union, pp. 429-437.


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Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Sciences (AASS) play an effective rˆole in Sciences, Technology and Community Development. Unfortunately, a small percentage of this knowledge is actually used in teaching at schools, universities and other academic institutions in Arab countries. The challenge is to provide effective professional development for AASS educators and researchers at all levels, from elementary school to university.There is an urgent need for a better communication channels among Arab astronomers and space scientists nowadays. In this respect, the best choice is to identify in the vast cultural heritage of the Arab basin, particularly in astronomy.Building modern and good observatories, planetariums and research centres in the region jointly by Arab astronomers and space scientists is essential and will be an excellent step towards developing AASS.The aim of this paper is to show the importance of the formal and informal astronomical research and education, giving examples of possible astronomical projects, and comments of the experiences that have been carried out in a few Arab Countries. We show as well the importance of the Astronomical Societies in developing Science and Technology in the fields of AASS, and the role of these societies on the community and the country development.

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