Working with Journalists: Media Access and Why You May Need It

Fienberg, Richard T. and Maran, Stephen P. (2015) Working with Journalists: Media Access and Why You May Need It. In: Highlights of Astronomy, Volume 16. XXVIIIth IAU General Assembly, August 2012. International Astronomical Union, pp. 643-644.


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The Washington Charter for Communicating Astronomy with the Public says that “individuals and organizations that conduct astronomical research - especially those receiving public funding for this research - have a responsibility to communicate their results and efforts with the public for the benefit of all.“ Aside from a sense of obligation, though, there are other reasons why astronomers ought to communicate with the broader citizenry. Among them: it is encouraged by the leaders of government funding agencies, it helps further public recognition and support for science in general and for astronomy in particular, and it can enhance one's career prospects.

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