Trends in the Content and Organization of General Science in American Public Schools

Willebrandt, Arthur F. (1927) Trends in the Content and Organization of General Science in American Public Schools. Masters thesis, University of Southern California.


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"The problem here presented and discussed is: 1. What have been the trends in general science in public school curricula of the United States during the period from 1910 to 1927, (a) in the nature and quantity of content material presented; (b) in its organization in the curricula, and the methods of teaching the subject as has been advocated by educational leaders, and also as has been practiced in the most representative schools offering the suhgeet during the period considered? 1 2. What is the educational significance of the trends that appear-from the data examined in this study? The Materials Used. For the purposes of this study the materials used are divided into two groups: (l) Sources of data dealing with general science content. (z) Sources of data dealing with general science aims, organization, and methods of teaching. In order to determine the trends in general science con­ tent, twenty-five representative textbooks in the subject were used* Five of these were revisions of previous issues. The books and years of their publications are as follows: Howell, P.3S. , Introduction to General Science (1911). Snyder, W.H., First Year Science (1914). Caldwell,’and Bikenberry, W.L., Elements of General Clark, Pease, Elhuff, Barber, Science (1914) Bertha M., An Introduction to General Science (1915). C.A., A First Year Course in General Science (1915). I., General Science--First Course (1916). F.D., Fuller, M.h., and others, First Course in General Science (1916). lake, C.H.. General Science (1917). Fall, Delos, Science for Beginners (1917). Smith, W.P., and Jewett, E.G., Introduction to the Study of Science (1918)• Hogdon, D.H., Elementary General Science (1918). Van Buskirk, E.F., and Smith, E.L., The Science of Everyday life (1919). Trafton, G.H., Science of Home and Community (1919). Snyder, W.H., Everyday Science (1919). Caldwell, O.W., and Bikenberry, W .I., Elements of General Science (1919). Hessler, J.C., Junior Science (1921). Tower, S .F ., and Lunt, J.H ., The Science of Common Things Hunter, G. W.; and Whitman, W. 0., Civic Science in the Community (1922). Bowden, G. A., General Science (1923). Wehh, H. A., and Dideoct, J. J.; Early 8tens in Science (1924). Caldwell, 0. W., and Mier, W. H., Open Doors to Science (1925). Pierper, C. J., and Beauchamp, W. L., Everyday Problems in Science (1925). Van Buskirk, E. P., and Smith, L. E., The Science of Everyday Life (1925). Snyder, W. L ., General Science (1925). Trafton, G. H., Science of Home and Community (1926). In the attempt to determine the trends in general science aims organization, and methods of teaching, the 158 refer­ ences listed in the bibliography of this study were used. Briefly described, these references consist of all the re­ ports dealing with this problem and appearing in the issues of School Science and Mathematics from December, 1910, to June, 1927; also all such reports as appeared in General Science Quarterly from the beginning of its publication in Uovember, 1916, to June, 1927. Various books on education, school sur­ veys, courses of study, monographs, and committee reports, as well as general science articles appearing in educational magazines other than those mentioned above, are also included in the 158 references used# This bibliography may be sum­ marized quantitatively as follows: 103 educational magazine articles, 36 courses of study, bulletins, etc., 19 books on education. Data from these sources were supplemented to some ex­ tent by material derived from the prefaces of the twenty-five general science textbooks previously mentioned."

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