Planetariums, theatres of the Universe

Acker, Agnes (2011) Planetariums, theatres of the Universe. Proceedings of the IAU Symposium: The Role of Astronomy in Society and Culture, 260. pp. 465-474.


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The history of this magic instrument is complex, and the teaching goal was never forgotten. Technological developments of the planetarium enable it now to treat the major topics of astronomy and astrophysics. But by simplifying too much or badly, one is likely to bring confusion in the spirits. The development of the planetarium is a continual challenge, as long as the scientific culture is not integrated perfectly in the cultural landscape. In several countries, planetariums link their knowledge and their know-how, for better resisting to economic difficulties, and better speaking about astronomy to their public. In particular the great project ALMA will be celebrated in a show for the International Year of Astronomy. Today's planetarium works as a theater for all sciences, and can issue a passport to the various scales of the universe

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