The Planetarium in Education: An Experimental Study of the Attainment of Perceived Goals

Sunal, Dennis W. (1973) The Planetarium in Education: An Experimental Study of the Attainment of Perceived Goals. Doctoral thesis, The University of Michigan.


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The main purpose of this study was to determine the relative effectiveness of the planetarium in attaining the perceived goals of planetarium educators. The goal areas for the 986 second-grade children involved in the study were low level Cognitive or Knowledge, Comprehension, and Application; Affective or Receiving, Responding, and Valuing; and Inquiry Skills or Space/Time Relations, Classifying, Communicating, and Inferring. Factors concerning the effect of student and environmental characteristics on student performance were also investigated. Three different instructional experiences were isolated: (1) a classroom astronomy unit experience, (2) a classroom astronomy-planetarium unit experience, and (3) children with no instruction in astronomy or planetarium visit. The students in the astronomy-planetarium unit experience showed significant gains in all goal areas when compared to the other students. The astronomy unit experience, pre- and post-tested, was found to be effective in producing change in goal areas of planetarium educators. Six weeks after a planetarium experience, increased perception and understanding of science principles and processes were noted.

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Subjects: Astronomy Education Research
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