A descriptive study of returning adult learners’ attitudes toward college science classes

Hougardy, D. A. (1992) A descriptive study of returning adult learners’ attitudes toward college science classes. Doctoral thesis, Oklahoma State University.

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The purpose of this study was to descriptively examine the existence and nature of anxiety in adult learners toward college science classes. Data were collected to identify and assess variables that are related to and/or contribute to returning adult students' attitudes toward science classes. The study was an assessment or descriptive analysis of selected variables that pertain to science anxiety in adult learners. Selected demographic characteristics of adult learners and attitudes of adult learners toward science education were examined in the assessment to provide a descriptive picture of the nature of science anxiety in the adult learner. Specific variables that were examined in the study include: A. Demographic Characteristics of Adult Students 1. sex 2. age 3. previous science background 4. type of science enrolled 5. geographical school type (metro/rural) B. Attitudes Toward Science Classes 1. SOQOA items 2. relevancy subscale 3. instruction subscale 4. fear of science subscale 5. past science experience subscale 6. motivation subscale 7. overall attitude It is also the intention of this study to provide information to those who are involved in curriculum design additional knowledge of andragogy and of adult learning characteristics that will reduce science anxiety in returning adult students. The focus of this study was to descriptively examine characteristics and attitudes of returning adult students relative to their learning of science. The intent of this study was to collect data and descriptively analyze information pertaining to specific questions regarding the nature and variable composition of science anxietyintheadultlearner. Fiver search questions were explored relative to the demographic and attitude variables described in the Purpose section.

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