Solar Telescopes In Japan and the Solar Telescope Mailing List

Yaji, Kentaro (1998) Solar Telescopes In Japan and the Solar Telescope Mailing List. In: Astronomical Education with the Internet. Frontiers Science Series No. 27, 27 . Universal Academy Press, pp. 135-138.


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The Sun is the nearest star to us. Solar observation is the first step in astronomical observations and is a significant component of astronomical educational. Solar telescopes are the instruments employed for observing the sun. Now, nearly fifty public observatories and museums have solar telescopes. In recent years, the facilities which observe the sun are monitoring not only white light but 11lso II-alpha light. As a result, people can easily see dynamic solar phenomena much as prominences and solar flares. Moreover, school teachers and astronomers li11v<! been greatly involved in solar observations using solar telescopes. However, some staff of the facilities have poor knowledge of the sun. For the purpose of expanding such knowledge, we prepared a "solar telescope mailing llHI." , which we call "solnet ML", and in this way we are trying in a positive number to exchange solar information, the contents of which are prompt reports 111 solar phenomena, solar observation reports, and information about the methods lo l>c applied to education, etc. Now, staff of public observatories and museums, 1w l1ool teachers and solar astronomers are on this mailing list. We would like to explain the significance of solar observations through this mailing list as the next solar maximum approache.

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