The Zadko telescope: A resource for science education enrichment

Coward, David M. and Heary, Auriol and Venville, Grady J. and Todd, Michael and Laas-Bourez, Myrtille and Zadnick, Marjan G. and Klotz, Alain and Boër, Michel and Longnecker, Nancy (2011) The Zadko telescope: A resource for science education enrichment. Advances in Space Research, 47. pp. 1922-1930.


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This paper describes plans for employing a new fully robotic optical telescope in Western Australia, the Zadko telescope, for evaluating education-outreach. A key feature of the telescope is the optimized observation-scheduling program, developed by our French collaborators who operate the TAROT robotic telescope network. It provides a simple interface for requesting observation time remotely, and has the potential for school students to participate in real astronomical research. The University of Western Australia and Curtin University are commencing a study for evaluating changes in student perceptions of science by participation in our astronomy research. Other areas of interest include broadening the program to include access of students from European countries, and exploring how remote access astronomy can be used to encourage awareness between different cultures.

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