Research Fields in Planetarium Education

Jettner, Frank C. (1974) Research Fields in Planetarium Education. American Astronomical Society - Bulletin, 6. pp. 323-324.


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Numerous topics exist for Ph.D. level research in planetarium education. (a) Most dissertations to date have been concerned with the validity of the planetarium itself being superior to the classroom for teaching elementary astronomy. In view of these research efforts and their fragmented results, a new question is directed toward gauging any pedagogical superiority for teaching specific astronomical topics in terms of the experience and motivation of the instructor. (b) Further research is needed to provide selection criteria for planetarium instrument capabilities for new host institutions. (c) A number of colleges have begun to offer coursework in planetarium education, but widely accepted curriculum standards for the field do not exist. An analysis of the planetarian's ideal background relative to astronomy, other science, education, multi-media, and other disciplines is needed, coupled with modern manpower requirements. (d) "Student Response" mechanisms offer great potential for direct communication between students and instructor in the blackened planetarium theater; yet little has been explored, relating to advantages and disadvantages of such systems, attitudes of instructors and students, cost analysis, possible do-it-yourself systems, etc.

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