About the Repository

Welcome to the iSTAR: International STudies of Astronomy education Research database!

The iSTAR Database's goal is to make all astronomy education research available to researchers and educators across the globe, free of charge.

A vast body of astronomy education research exists that is not easily accessible. This is particularly true for research produced in the pre-digitial era, and by researchers in developing nations. Barriers to accessing all research materials is magnified for researchers and educators outside of large Western institutions.

By reducing these barriers iSTAR seeks to:

1) improve our understanding of the ways that students engage in astronomy by increasing the range and domain of astronomy education research available to the community;

2) support international and cross-disciplinary collaborations by increasing the community's awareness of previously unknown potential research partners;

3) support astronomy teaching by increasing our understanding of teaching interventions used in a more diverse set of contexts; and

4) improve astronomy education research by improving our knowledge of prior results, and established methodologies and instruments.

We challenge all communities of astronomy education researchers to use the iSTAR database to develop and extend collaborations; inform policy, funding and educational decisions; and share in the voice, perspective and experience of astronomy education research. Please join us by uploading any and all works related to astronomy education research!

Contact Information

Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to [email protected].